Monday, October 4, 2010

Well, Here I Shall Begin

On the Needles:

Log-Cabin Blanket (intended size 64"x64", plus border)

So, this harebrained scheme of mine came out of the need to write more, but with the knowledge the lack of story ideas, I came up with this instead! Hence, I'm going to write about my knitting, as creatively and well as I can. 

A little about me, though. I am an English Honours major in my (technically) fourth year. I was on exchange to Japan last year, so I'm actually only in third year. Japan was amazing, though, and absolutely worth it. A lot of my knitting at this time actually occurs in class, since if I knit in class, then I don't doodle in my notebooks. This is much to one of my English professor's disbelief. He was quite incredulous when I told him this is what it was for. 

I live in the cold beyond the 49th parallel, and I abhor the drop in temperature that will soon be occurring. Thank goodness for a warm blanket that I am slowly knitting. And the new blanket pattern that I'm drooling over from Berroco's new book on Afghans. I'm looking to work on the "Bright Star" blanket once I'm finished. 

Can't wait! hehe But the Log Cabin blanket comes first since it's a Christmas present. Only 9 more squares to go! ...Then the border. I haven't decided how big that's going to be yet. Probably 4-8". More likely 6-8".

With Thanksgiving this weekend, I'm going to drive home, and hopefully get the studying and knitting that I want done as we drive out to camp and see the salmon run. Fingers crossed! And I'll see my cat, who probably hasn't lost any of the weight that he needs to be rid of.

Anyway, I must run to finish Dracula and to start a commissioned Ear-Flap toque. I hope that you find this blog entertaining, and please come to visit again soon! 


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