Friday, June 24, 2011

A Long Hiatus

On the needles: 8/16 mittens for order due in July

Need to complete:
-Scarf for backpack
-Bearded Balaclava

(Then commissions can be reopened!)

Well, hello everybody!

Sorry for the long break between this post and last. I had to concentrate on my schooling and life got really crazy in the second term. And it didn't stop there. I changed my summer job for the first time in about five years! A lot of factors contributed to this, but it's working out better. Especially since I got to move back to live with my boyfriend.

Now that I'm more or less getting settled, I will start getting posts up more frequently. I am going to try to get something done every week (give or take a bit).

In exciting news, I am starting up an Etsy shop here real soon. The link is posted above, but I will update when there are listings on my site. I currently have two orders that I need to finish before I can really start pursuing the shop.

In other none-knitting, but exciting news, I am registered in all the classes that I need to graduate, but for my honours, which the English department has to register me in. I'm also looking into my options for a Master's program in folklore/fairy tales. It looks like there are a couple of options.

All-in-all, I'm staying out of trouble and keeping busy. And I promise that I'll try to update more regularly from now on.

On one last note, how many of you have completed a log cabin blanket? That was my last big project, which was a Christmas present for my boyfriend, and it turned into a queen-sized blanket. So comfy!


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