Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Weekend Ahead = Lots of Knitting

On the Needles: 10/16 Mittens (I need to pick it up)

So, it's Canada Day this weekend! And the company I'm working with has an extra day off on Monday, so that means that I have lots of spare time to knit and relax a bit. I'm heading home, and I'm going to get my boyfriend to drive, so I should get at least one mitten finished in that time. I need to get numbers 10-12 finished by this weekend, and then I'll only have two more pairs to go!

After that, I'm going to start putting together some items for the shop. For all my readers, what are you all interested in seeing me produce? So far, I'm planning to make corseted legwarmers, baby blankets, coffee cup cozies (both corseted and uncorseted), fingerless mitts, mittens, scarves, and baby booties (and potentially more bearded balaclavas)! I am open to suggestions and commissions (once I'm finished these mitts)!

I went yarn shopping last night and got some gorgeous Paton's Silk Bamboo yarn in Plum. I'm going to try knitting bell ruffled mittens with it. I can't wait to see how the colour looks full out, because it looks gorgeous as it is now:

It's not as dark in person, though.

And, with it also being Independence Day on Monday, it's a long weekend for most of North America. I'm planning on going home and visiting my cat and family and knitting. What's everyone else planning?

Have fun and for everyone on the roads: drive safe!


P.S. I will soon post pictures of these elusive mittens. Promise.

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