Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Elusive Mittens

On the Needles: Stripy legwarmers

So, as I promised, here is a picture of the mittens:

There were 8 pairs in total; five pairs for the women and three pairs for the men, all made from a (slightly modified) pattern made up by the great-grandma in 1949! It was an awesome vintage pattern (i.e. clear and straight forward instructions), and the first time I had knit gussets. I think that they turned out quite well. 

And here is a pair being modeled:

This weekend is another long weekend (it seems like their coming fast and furious this year!), and so my boyfriend and I are heading out to my parents again, which will be nice. Then back into town to hopefully take possession of our apartment! 

Other than that, not much. I have one stripy legwarmer done, and I just need to stretch the balaclava to see if it will actually fit. For whatever reason, even though I kept checking the gauge, the new hat would just not knit properly. So I'm going to try the old one and see if some blocking will fix the size thing, because it's just really snug. 

And now to the packing!



  1. The mittens turned out awesome! I gave the last two pairs to their new owners yesterday and they were very happy to recieve them. Aunty Fay is the family knitter and she was very impressed with your talent! Thank you so much for all your hard work on the mittens!

    Dawn aka "the crazy person who orders mittens for July"

  2. Yay! I'm glad that they liked them. ^^
    And hey, the only reason you didn't need them for that weekend is because it actually warmed up! haha