Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Transit

On the Needles: 2/2 legwarmers!

So, my boyfriend and I are in transit. We're mostly moved out of one place and into the other; thankfully, we're at his parents place, so we didn't have to move completely out in one fell swoop. But the apartment's really nice, so I'm excited to get set up there! It will mean more transit time for work for August, but that's OK. 

Besides that, not much knitting has happened, because I've been busy with that, and absolutely exhausted. There's been a lot of weather changes lately (yay for Alberta thunderstorms!) and with that, being sore from moving, and being in a different bed right now, I haven't gotten much sleep. But at least the knitting helps keep the stress at bay. 

Either way, I will soon have these legwarmers finished, and then pictures will go up! My friend is almost finished the shop banner, too, which is really exciting. Just a couple more tweaks and it'll be set! 

I'll keep updating as I go along; we should have internet as soon as we actually move in, which will be good.

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