Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crafting Space

On the Needles: Orange scarf, double knit scarf, and black "boa" scarf.

Other crafting in progress: more hair accessories! (Clips and bobby pins)

So, yes, above is what I'm working on now. Yes, I have three different knitting items on the go. But that's so I don't get bored! The orange scarf and the "boa" scarf won't take too long...But the double knit (dk) scarf will take a bit, because I haven't double knit before...And I have to figure out how to put letters into it, too! haha

The bobby pins and clips are some of those filler items, but they're fast and fun, which is what I like about them! And speaking of fun and fast, I was actually able to start and complete something today! It's a choker, which I just posted here:

But here's a teaser picture:

And that is a TAZO tea box lid I'm using as a background. Isn't it awesome? I got it from one of my coworkers yesterday. 

I also updated all the shipping costs and added international destinations!

And, to give you a peek into the whole process, here's a few pictures of my workspace this afternoon:

I was working in the living room today, on the coffee table, because it stays the comfiest the longest. By the way, that's an empty Kirin Milk Tea bottle (yay TNT Supermarket and their selection of Japanese drinks!). Ummm...And the circular pen case is from the Ghibli museum in Tokyo; it has a 2010 Minnie Mouse/Year of the Tiger cell phone charm on it from Tokyo Disneyland! hehe

This is my yarn basket; there's the orange scarf in it's original form. I found these plastic yarn socks yesterday, which I think will be really useful, since it should help keep my yarn from getting tangled! 

And the other set of craft supplies; those flowers are what I'm going to work with for the hair accessories. And there's the black boa. The dark and light blue yarn are going to be used in another project that I'm developing. 

So, now that you've seen the mess that I work in, you can see how my creative process works a bit better. And this is actually pretty organized; it won't be like this for every long, unfortunately...haha

Besides that, I almost came home with a kitten today. Almost. It was really hard to resist the temptation. But I know that I have to wait until at least one more year. I want to be around more when my boyfriend and I get a kitten...And really we can't afford one right now. Soon, though. Ume (the beta fish) will be good for now!

And not much else. I'm finished work at the gas plant for the summer, and I have this weekend off, which will be nice, and then it's back to the university bookstore next week. But I see that I'm only work half days, so that means I can come home and craft more...And read more for my honours project. I have a 10 page paper due by the end of September already! But I'm excited. I've already started writing the paper in my head, so it will translate to paper well.

Until next time!

Katie =^..^=

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