Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Year Anniversary!

On the needles: mittens
Designing: Name scarf

So, today is the first year anniversary of the blog! I can't believe that I made my first post a year ago. Lots has changed in that time. :)

However, life is still not terribly different, although I'm heading into my last year of school, and I've finally started my Etsy shop!

I've been super busy recently. I've probably read 1,200 pages from the start of school, as well as writing my honours project.

Hence, I haven't been posting much. But I'm still working on things. Like, I just posted this scarf: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83129065/scarf-pink-breast-cancer-awareness-for It's made from Bernat Boa "Chick", with part of the yarn proceeds going towards Breast Cancer research!

And, I've got Christmas decorations in the works. I'm not actually knitting anything, but I'm beading, which I'm having lots of fun with.

I went home this weekend, which was good, and I'll probably be back there next weekend for Thanksgiving, which will be nice. I'll have lots more work next week, though, because I have to rewrite the ten pages for my supervisor by the 14th!

But, my boyfriend and I have been out for a few hikes. Like, Grassi Lakes; we're heading out to Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots this Friday, so I'm excited!

For now, though, I shall leave it there, and I'll post a more detailed post soon! - And maybe a post with just pictures of Etsy items coming up...I even have Christmas trees!


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