Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sneak a Peek at the Activity!

In Design: Scarves (yes, still) - Listing for these barrettes!

So, these are what are going to be posted over the next few days. I particularly like the brown flower...And there's two of them! :)  And the headband (last picture) is actually part of a set of four. I figured this would be excellent as a set for a bridal party. They can be more customized if required.

Went home this weekend, since it was reading week. Then wrote three proposals today. At least these short blurb exercises are a good way to practice writing the longer works! And I've gotten really good at them now, since there has been so many this year already!

But at least I've had a breather before the end of the term. I'm still really looking forward to Christmas break, though!

Not much else happening right now. Just figured I would do a quick update and get back to school work and crafting. Or maybe go play some Bayonetta!

Take Care!

Katie =^..^=


  1. The headbands are soo pretty!

    And 2 weeks tomorrow is Christmas eve... I'm also quite excited!

    xo Jen

  2. Hehe! I love the headbands, too! I sold two of them today. :)