Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Time Review!

On the needles: Custom "Untalkative Bunny" double knit scarf
Planning: mitten, hat, and scarf set, plus a kitten stuffy! :)

So, to start out December, my boyfriend and I went out with some of his friends to get a Christmas tree!

Yep, real tree. We were trying to decide between a real and a fake, but I would have missed the smell too much. And, as this article points out on Etsy, it's not as bad for the environment as everyone thinks:

After Christmas tree hunting (and school was finished), I made yummy chewy ginger cookies!

Don't they look yummy? This is them in the bowl:

And the finished project! They stayed chewy for quite a few days. I was really happy with them!

My boyfriend was highly amused by this set of twisted yarns. He was very puzzled that that pile could turn out into this scarf: 

Yay, intarsia! How I love that I finally learnt you. I'm really happy with how this turned out, especially considering that it was a special order, and it was my first time working intarsia!

It's been a ridiculously busy Christmas break! Not only have a I been working on custom orders, I've also been doing that baking and working on my honours paper. But that parts almost done.

My boyfriend and I have also been watching InuYasha, which is just as good as the first time that I saw it!
Although I'm kind of disappointed that the final season hasn't been released yet. Oh well. Soon enough. It only ended about two years ago (when I was still in Japan, lucky me)!

I didn't end up getting to my casual reading list, but that's OK. I actually bought myself The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami when they were on sale at Coles. They're on my bookshelf waiting to be read now.

I did read most of the texts I was planning for my paper, though. There's really only one left that I need to read.

But my plan now is once I've graduated and got a couple pay cheques under my belt, I'm going to go buy a hammock and then start the stack of books waiting for me. This summer will mostly be spent reading and crafting. My "resolution" (if that's what it can be called) is to read and craft and get a good tan. haha

All right. This post has taken a really long time to write, so I'm going to leave it here and I'll write another soon! I promise. haha

Take care and Happy New Year!

Katie =^..^=


  1. Those cookies look so yummmmmmmmmmmy!

  2. I too am amazed at the beautiful scarf that came from all the tangled yarn.

  3. Holy cow I am amuzed as well. I have no crafting abilities what so ever so that scarf is a brilliant piece of work to me. Happy New Year..

  4. :D I was quite pleased with the scarf as well, since it worked out to how I wanted it to look! (Maybe I should be more amazed by it, too...hahaha)