Sunday, March 4, 2012

And Now, for Something Completely Different!

On the Needles: "Untalkative Bunny" Scarf

So, you're wondering...What is this "completely different" thing that you're talking about?

Well, my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend is March 24 (approx. 3 weeks), and to help celebrate, I am doing a trivia game giveaway!

Here's the low down:

How to enter: "Like" my Facebook page:

Answer the trivia question: What does Nekozuki Yarns mean, and what language is it from? Post all answers as a comment to this post. (I'll provide links on it as I post more.)

The answer is somewhere in my sites!

Everyone who enters the contest will be put into a hat on March 25, and I will draw a winner from there! Only one correct entry per person is valid.

When the contest is over, I will contact the individual with my e-mail address for shipping information. No purchase necessary

So, what's the prize, you may now be wondering. Well, it's this awesomely pink crocheted scarf:

Good? Ready? Go! :)

Take care,

Katie =^..^=


  1. Nekozuki means cat lover. It comes from Japanese! :) -Randall Thacker

  2. Cat Lover Yarns! And Japanese, obviously :D

  3. Nekozuki means "friend of cats" or "a cat person" in japanese.

    Nekosuki Yarns = Cat Lover Yarns