Monday, March 26, 2012

One Thing Down, One Bajillion to Go

On the Needles: "Untalkative Bunny" scarf, garter stitch scarf, cabled scarf
In the plans: Things. haha Mostly craft sale items. Maybe a Legend of Zelda Link hat...

Well, not quite one bajillion. Although, there are three papers (including the 40 page honours; one due April 3/5; April 12; and honours April 16), a presentation (on Wednesday), a proposal (for Thursday) one final exam (April 19), and one take home (due by April 23). But, I survived my 20 min presentation, so there is definitely some progress! Needless to say (but I will anyway), I'm going to be super busy over the next few weeks. This week is kind of a breather week, but I need to start work on my paper due next week (mostly because I haven't finished Wuthering Heights yet, which is what I'm writing on).

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For example, the fact that these are the last papers, proposals, and presentations for awhile! And the other light at the end of the tunnel? The fact that I got accepted to the Calgary West Country Market! I'm only a casual vendor, so my appearance dates are listed on the blog: For those familiar with the Calgary area, this is taking place beside Calaway Park, just west of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway (the #1).

This means that I'm knitting up a storm. Although I'm taking a break to try fulling a pair of mittens for myself, which are the experiment pair (I'll likely try felting a design onto them, too, which means I'm going to need to invest in a felting kit...)!

This weekend was our anniversary! Three whole years, and he stuck with me through Japan. He's awesome. Particularly so since he not only took me to the mountains (we went to Lake Minnewanka and Canmore), we went to Knit n' Caboodle in Canmore! And, he even bought me yarn...And a pin that says "I knit so I don't kill people" (to true?)! (This is how I got the yarn for felting...And since he bought it, I have to make at least one thing for myself, so it may as well be an experiment piece.) They yarn is the gorgeous "Cascade Yarn Eco+," a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. I can't wait to see how it fulls! Apparently, he also got some birthday/Christmas gift ideas, too. Vwee hee hee!

Also, the lady that was behind the counter was amazing! Very friendly, and some of the best customer service I've received in a long time. She even had my best interests at heart, telling me that the yardage on the ball was probably enough for the two mittens (which I figured, but I also like having excess, since then if I screw up, I have more in the same lot). So, instead, I got a second colour! My boyfriend is awesome. If you ever get a chance, definitely visit Knit n' Caboodle in Canmore, too! They are amazing.

In the plans, after this last few crazy weeks are done (only three until I have my last class in my undergrad degree): I'm taking May off, unless I get a super awesome job offer. These means that I can craft, building up my stock for the craft fair and Etsy. It also means I can take that time to look for a job and interview, and relax in general from the five years I've spent in school. haha Taking the whole month off seems too luxurious, though, so I'm going to still pick up some shifts at the theatres. Although it does also mean that we can hopefully make it out to Victoria. Which means, another yarn shop trip to Beehive Wool Shop! hehe I've already warned by boyfriend that anywhere we travel means visiting craft and yarn shops. When I told him that, he was like, yeah, I figured as much. Hehe

Anyway. Instead of procrastinating on the blog, I should actually be working on my proposal. haha

Just think of this, though: once I'm finished classes, I'll have more time to craft and post things on Etsy and post blog posts, so I'll be way more active, and you can look forward to more work-in-progress information.

Take care, all!

Katie =^..^=

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