Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bags, Bags, Bags!

On the needles: Felted Rose Bag from Knitting Today! August/September 2011
In the plans: More felted bags, couple of blankets.

So, another market, another set of knitted items up for sale. However, this style is going to stick around for awhile, in multiple variations, some due to colour, pattern, or decorative design. But you know what will keep them all together? The fact that they are felted! Here's the pictures:

These have kept me busy and out of trouble for the past few weeks, at least! I'm glad that I was able to spend the afternoon getting some pictures yesterday, and then was able to edit them last night in preparation to post! I have more in the plans, particularly the cat style one, which is a lighter fabric than the two other bright ones. The forthcoming cat ones, however, are going to be in Paton Yarns' Jade Heather (jade colour) and a kind of dark lavender colour, which is really pretty. I'm also going to make more of the change purses, and definitely some more of the bright coloured bags. I'm thinking that I really want to make a green one with lady bugs going across it, kind of like the paw prints.

Also in the works are some of the lighter felt that will have geekery symbols. Such as: Legend of Zelda Triforce, the Deathly Hallows symbol, Pi, and etc. I'm also thinking I might make a couple small change purses with moustaches, and maybe a bigger bag with a dinosaur that's saying "RAWR!" But we'll see. haha

I'm currently also starting work full-time as a cashier at the Home Depot. So I'm going to be a busy girl. Which is good; my boyfriend is starting his week-on/week-off schedule, so particularly when he's out of town, I like being busy. It also helps me not stay up until 2am constantly, although most of my days don't start until 12, which doesn't help the whole not staying up. haha But he'll be back tomorrow night, so all will be right in my little world again. And then there will be more knitting!

However, I do have a couple of projects under wraps right now; one for my supervisor, and then a couple of others. I need to get them finished. Oh, and an entry to the Calgary Stampede competition. My ideas have changed quite a bit for that, but I've settled on what I'm doing...I just have to actual knit it!

Anyway. Right now, I'm just staying out of trouble and hoping that these bags are somewhat popular. I am currently waiting on a custom order, so fingers crossed!

Take care, all!

Katie =^..^=

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