Thursday, May 3, 2012

My First Craft Market! :) (Warning: Picture Filled)

On the Needles: Bags to felt for May 12th.
In the plans: More felted bags, couple of blankets.

Hello, folks! So, I did my first market (ever) on April 28th. It went really well! So happy with he promotions that the lovely ladies did, and all of the traffic that came through! Lots of people stopping by to take a look, and etc. There were lots of vendors, which was awesome! The only downside was that it was a bit chilly, although the sun came out and life was good. 

I didn't get any pictures of other vendors, but I got some of my set-up. I love how my banner (from came out! It's awesome. And my tables look good. Although I think I'm going to leave the coat rack at home next time; no one really saw it, because it was behind me. 
I need to do a couple things to what my tables look like; I'm going to shift the custom order binder and the business cards to the front where people are always walking by. I'm also going to keep a few of my "extra" knitted pieces (i.e. duplicates) under the table unless they sell, so that there's more space so that people can actually see all the individual pieces. 

I really like how the hair accessories look, though! :)

Anyway, I'm super excited for the next market that I'm in, same place, but May 12th. Now, most people won't know this, but May 12th is actually a pretty significant day for me, especially this year. It's significant (not particularly special), because May 12th was the day that I was diagnosed with diabetes, and this year is the 10-year anniversary of that diagnosis. As such, I am donating 10% of all sales at the Market to the Canadian Diabetes Association. Any sales on Etsy from May 11-13 will also be included. So, make sure to come out and support a great foundation! You can actually RSVP for the event on Facebook:

Now, I'm actually going to go work on some bags that I'm going to full next week and have ready for the Market. I'll try to have a sneak peek available for you all by next Wednesday/Thursday. Also, keep in mind for father's day: I'm going to be making fulled (felted) ties, too~! (Hopefully! haha)

Take Care!

Katie =^..^=


  1. Your set up was awesome Katie! Love your new sign too!

  2. Thanks, my dear! Just a couple little adjustments, and I think I'll be more satisfied. :) Plus, I'll have a couple bags (hopefully) this coming market, so I'm excited and want to give them a more prominent arena for display. hehe

    Katie =^..^=