Friday, June 8, 2012


On the needles: Mittens
In the works: Cabled Cowl, mug cozies

That's right, folks! I graduated! I am now officially a recipient of an Honours BA in English! And here's a picture to prove it (well, actually, a few. haha):

In front of the Olympic Torch on campus

With my degree!

In my awesome Mickey ears and grad dress at the Calgary Tower.
It was an absolutely spectacular day. The ceremony was really good, and our dinner at the Calgary Tower was superb. I graduated with my honours group, before the rest of the English department, which was kind of cool. I don't remember much once I was up on stage. Mostly reminding myself not to fall, making sure that they pronounced my name right, smiling for the camera, and then walking to the side. The first person I shook hands with told me that graduating "looked good on me" (yay!), which I guess is true, seeing as how most of the people crossing the stage couldn't even muster up a smile. A lot of them looked downright disgruntled to even be going through the process. Anyway.

The Friday before, Dallas and I finally went to see The Avengers, which was sooooo good! One of the best movies I've seen in about a year. Then, Saturday, we went for a drive all the way up to the Columbia Icefield/Athabasca Glacier, in Jasper National Park. I haven't been up there for about ten years, and it was a good day. We just kept missing the rain, so it was perfect.
Yay, Peyto Lake! (You can see the rain cloud in the upper right.)

Otherwise, I've been super bus. Started going to the gym, and I'm working close to a full 40 hour week. In crafting news, I have buttons on the way to start making bobby pins with, I'm going to start knitting some cabled mug cozies (I'll hopefully have a few for Saturday!), and I'm working with Kool-Aid to dye some more yarn. 

Basically, keeping busy and out of trouble. Hope you are too, and I'll blog at you all later!

Katie =^..^=