Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blanket Burnout

On the Needles: Change purses
In the Plans: Socks; more blankets
Miscellaneous Crafts in the Plans: Painted glass ornaments, button Christmas trees
In the Life Plans: Hiking and reading

Hey all!

So, it's been a long time, as you may have noticed. Life has been hectic around here. My boyfriend and I moved July 31/August 1, so we've been setting up and settling in. The new place is gorgeous, and I've actually got a craft/library room, which is awesome!

We're through the wedding craziness for this summer. They were both amazing! My boyfriend was in the wedding party for the wedding on the 11th, and I was in the wedding party for the wedding on the 18th. Both went off without a hitch, and both had amazing weather! (Particularly important for the outdoor wedding on the 18th!)

These weddings mean blankets, though, neither of which are finished. So that's what I've been working on to pass my time recently. The blanket for the 11th wedding is nearly finished! (So stoked!) And the other I'm going to have to finish sometime after they get back from their honeymoon. Oh well. It's been fairly warm recently, so there won't be much use for these blankets for about three weeks to a month! :) And I did try my hardest to get them finished beforehand. Once I'm finished these, though, I'm taking a break from blankets for awhile. haha

We officially booked vacation time for November, which I'm super excited for! Finally going out to Victoria! Which means I get to visit the Beehive Wool Shop! And I'm definitely taking a copy of the KnitMap for Victoria! I'm super excited to go see the coast; it's been 15 years since I was last out in Vancouver, although my family and I did spend about a week in Chilliwack in 2000.

In other news, I actually have a new full time job. I'm working for an online projector lamp company. It's been really good, and I'm happy to be on a way better schedule (well, actually on a schedule), compared to the Home Depot. Here now it's Monday to Friday, 9-5, which leaves me with time in the evenings and on the weekend to actually spend with my boyfriend, instead of having a shift until 10 the nights he comes home from his week on, and then being up again for a 9 or earlier shift the day afterwards. Much better for the control of my diabetes, too.

And, for a shop announcement, I have put the shop into vacation mode until the late fall/early winter. I need to focus on getting some new stock together for a Christmas fair November 2-3, and I want to revamp what I'm actually carrying at Nekozuki Yarns on Etsy. I think I'm going to shift more towards felted handbags and change purses, and some slippers, and then some regular knit things as well (scarves, mittens (felted and non-felted), etc.). I'm still going to carry baby blankets and I'm also going to add some newborn booties and hats, because I love making those. So, keep your eyes peeled for those changes coming! I'll post teaser pictures as I go here. And I will still be here, if there's something you absolutely want from my shop. Just contact me either through the blog here, Etsy, Facebook, or Twitter. The shop vacation is mostly so I don't feel bad that I don't have a full store front. :) When I come back, as well, my prices will likely be revamped. So if you know of something that you've had your eye on, feel free to talk to me beforehand, and we can work out a deal.

We had another busy but awesome weekend. We had a BBQ Saturday night, and then Sunday we drove out to Canmore, which was really nice. Gorgeous weather and everything! And I finally found a yarn guide, so I won't totally wear out my fingers on the rest of these two blankets.

Anyway, not much more is going on (although I think there's been enough)! My boyfriend is going to be starting the full time, week-on/week-off schedule on the 14th, so there will be some adjustment there. But it'll give me lots of alone time to craft! I have to get lots done so that I have stock for the Crestmont Christmas Fair! I'm super stoked for this one, because it always sells out, and seems like it draws a huge crowd. Look for lot of goodies there. I would love for people to come visit!

Now, off I go to try to conquer at least 1 out of the 2 blankets. And work.

Take care!

Katie =^..^=

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