Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Now, A Review! Cariboo Butterfly's "Little Hoot" Needle Felting Kit

On the Needles: Blankets
In the plans: Socks; shawl; sweater; felted goodness.

So, a couple months back (unfortunately! I've been slow on this process) I told Jen over at Cariboo Butterfly  that I would review her new needle felting kit! I've been looking to learn how to needle felt 3-D objects, so this was a perfect opportunity for me, and Jen has been super patient in waiting for me to actually review her kit. 

The kit was packaged up super cute, and it includes all the supplies you need for one owl, including a twig to perch him on when all's said and done! 

I tried to take process pictures to show you folks what all is included in this kit, and how my owl turned out. The instructions included on the CD were super easy, with lots and lots of instructional pictures. Jen has done a really good job putting this kit together for everyone who has never needle felted before, or whoever wants to learn how to do more shapes and etc.

This kit is an excellent craft kit to do with older children. Because of the sharpness of the needles (I even poked myself a number of times, and it hurts!) I wouldn't suggest that young children participate in this craft. But that's OK. Older kids (and kids at heart) need crafts, too!

By the way, love the foam; I've 2-D needle felted purses before with a brush, but the foam is much more forgiving!
This is the fibre (which is 100% Corriedale wool). The main body colour was a gorgeous dark brown, and sooooo soft! 
I just wanted to squish it all night. haha
Jen is awesome, and includes two felting needles!  This is super important, since the needles can break easily; I broke one as I was finishing my owl body.
Fibre! There's just over an ounce included here. Which makes this little owl body:
Now, I was bad. I didn't follow Jen's instructions to the tee. I more took to heart her blessing to be creative with her kit. So, instead of a rounded owl that was pictured on her kits, I went with a more modern, squared off owl:
Square owl body! So cute. I love it!
And this is the front of my finished owl:
And the back!

 If the kit isn't enough, then she also has a video tutorial.

Jen was very thorough in putting this kit together. I would recommend it for anyone and everyone (from older kids up) that wishes to learn how to 3-D needle felt. It taught me how to do it! And I have enough left over fibre that I'll be making a kitty-cat face and putting together a pussy-cat and owl mobile. Super excited about it, so keep your eyes open for pictures of that soon!

If this review has piqued your interest in needle felting, or Jen's other work (she makes amazing hand-felted soap!), check out here site here at Cariboo Butterfly.

Take care, everyone! And stay way from the tips of those felting needles! haha

Katie =^..^=

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