Friday, December 7, 2012

Day # 2

WIPs: Boot cuffs
FOs: None
Progress: some (almost done 1/3 pairs of cuffs)!

They say it takes about three weeks to establish and maintain a good habit. So here's to day # 2 of habit making!

I went to the gym last night, and again this morning, and I'm all pumped and ready to go tomorrow and Sunday, and then I have to start training with my trainer again.

And, although I was up at about 6am this morning (well, my alarm started then. I didn't get up until the still unholy hour of 6:30am), I am feeling quite energized...But at the same time like I will actually be able to go to bed tonight and get an amazing night's sleep. Yay! Means that I'll try to be up at the still unholy hour of a wonderful hour of 6ish. I need to be up earlier than I was today to hit the gym earlier on the weekdays (less people, more spare time for me getting to work).

The upside of  this is that the gym doesn't open until 8 on weekend, which means I can get up and make myself a nice, hot breakfast, and get some knitting done (i.e. the boot cuffs. haha)~!

This is also day #2 for my blog posts! Yay! By the way, the 50th post brought my views up over 1600 views! So happy about it.

Also, I found pineapple-flavoured Danone yogurt drinks...Actually surprisingly tasty! I hope it helps cultivate good bacteria in my body!

Let's see...

Finally got all the information from all of the venues that we've been looking at. I think it's helped narrow it down to two specific ones, which we'll go look at in January (I think).

I know that it may seem like a long ways out, but I do really want to do this now so that they don't get booked up before we even get a chance, and since we do have such a long time we get our pick, mostly.

Another benefit on knowing where we'll be is we can put the town on Save-the-Dates, which I want to get out soon so that my international friends that I'm inviting have time to save to come here. It also allows me to see the space and see how I can decorate, and what handmade items I want to make to decorate. :) (i.e. garlands of yarn pom-poms, anyone? hahaha)

I'm going to have so much fun with this~!

Dallas has this last trip up north and then he's home for Christmas, so we can sit down and talk more seriously about what we want to do, and budget around things. He was studying for an exam last week he was home, and so that wasn't conducive to talking about much else. (Fingers crossed he passes!) (He thinks that he's going to be going from stressing about exams to stressing about wedding details. I told him no. It's going to be a lot of fun planning! At least, that's how I'm going to look at it, and that seems to be half the battle. That and I think I have amazing bridesmaids (actually, a Minion of Honour and Bride's Minions, which is even better)!)

If you read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's wonderful Yarn Harlot blog, you will notice that I am likely going to start emulating her a bit more (like, with struck-out text above). If you don't read her blog, go do it. Do it now!!!! She's fantastic. :) And Canadian (all the better).

Now, to go contemplate...things. Like knitting (one more row and bind off for the first pair)!

Have a lovely evening, my dears!

Katie =^..^=

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