Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day # 3

On the Needles: 4/6 boot cuff!
FOs: 1 more boot cuff

That's right! I'm down to the last three boot cuffs, and I'm already about a quarter of the way through this fourth one!! Yay!!

Got all the Christmas gifts wrapped yesterday. Now to just finish the super secret Christmas presents, which I will this coming week.

Today will be the fourth day that I will go to the gym. I'm just waiting for my tummy to settle after breakfast. I don't want to give myself stitches!

I also totally spoilt myself yesterday and bought myself some Dragonfly Dyewerx BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) fibre. I have two braids of it, for a total of 200 grams. Once I'm finished boot cuffs, I am going to spin some of this (that's the goal for today, anyway). The colour really, really, really reminds me of a kind of cherry blossom/black cherry sort of thing. I'll make sure to take progress pictures, don't worry. Also, Dragonfly Dyewerx is out of Drumheller, AB, Canada, so she's actually pretty local to me! I bought it at a local store called The Loop (in Kensington). They are wonderful ladies and terrible enablers. I wouldn't have gotten the two braids, but the lady said that the one had a twin...And I quickly fell down from there. hahaha I've told Dallas that if he ever wants to get me a "just because" gift, that's the place to go, because any of the colours that were there yesterday, I would LOVE to have in my possession. haha

Let's see...

I'm figuring out how to do DIY invitations for our wedding! It's so awesome that we have so long of time in between, because it's giving me a chance to plan out and also organize what I want to do. DIY invitations look like they're going to be awesome to do! And one of my bride's minions is going to draw a custom invitation for us, because she's awesome! And an amazing artist. In fact, you see some of her art every time that you come to this blog, for she drew my Etsy logo! You can find her here: Starlitdragon and bask in the glory that is her art.

Other than that, can't really do much right now anyway. Just relaxing over Christmas. And I'm going to look over more once Dallas is home so that we can decide together what we want for things. Because, once we decide what venue we will be at, we (I) can start making the decorations that I want! And yes, a lot of this will be handmade, because I want this event to reflect both of our tastes, and since it's fairly eclectic, it'll have to be handmade.

This all definitely leaning towards a strange mix of classical informatlity. I want semi-formal. But that will also be up for discussion with Dallas.

Anyway. If anyone gets tired of me talking about all of this, please let me know. I'm just super excited, and I want to share! Maybe I'll start warning you that the "wedding section" is coming up, and then you can scroll down to the end of "wedding section" if you don't want to read about it. I won't know the difference! haha

Oh yeah, and after this whole Christmas rush, spinning, etc. I have to get geared up for the Mommylicious show on January 20th in Calgary. Fingers crossed I can do it!

Anyway. Just a few more minutes and it'll be gym time. Hope all is well with you, my dears.

Take care!

Katie =^..^=

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