Friday, December 14, 2012

Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit TIME!

WIPs: 6/6 Boot cuffs (shhhh. They're about 3/4s done.)
FOs: None

Yes, that's right. I'm a crazy one and I'm going to see The Hobbit on opening day. But I have tickets, and I have the posse, and we're going to enjoy it! Sooooo excited! I've been hearing good things already, so I'm stoked.

I'll be ready for a sleep in tomorrow, though, and then it's back to the gym for cardio tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. Then the ramp up to Christmas!! Still have presents I need to knit (I know, I know. Can you hear the sizzle? That's my brain).

I've been good keeping up with the gym, and I plan to continue you this even after Christmas! My incentive: I get to buy my wedding shoes once I'm done all my phases~! (About three months.) Must do it. haha (Another good incentive should be the fact that I want to reduce my medication...But shoes!)

Let's see. The problem with me trying to post everyday is that I run out of things to talk about. Which is not very good for you or I. I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow, though, after the Hobbit. Or I may keep that for Monday, and take this weekend off.

Dallas is home, which is awesome, and tonight we're going to go pick up my wedding band and get him properly fitted for his band.

And then, to The Hobbit, and the likely crazy lines~!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled boot cuff.

Has anyone else gone to, or is going to see, "The Hobbit" at a midnight/opening day/weekend showing? Let me know, spoiler-free, in the comments!

Have a lovely evening, my darlings!

Katie =^..^=


  1. Yet another reason why I'm going to love having you as a sister-in-law: both of our workouts are motivated by SHOES!

  2. ^_^ Yes, indeed. hahaha

    Katie =^..^=