Tuesday, December 4, 2012


WIP: Boot cuffs
ItP: Calligraphy Cardigan, Spanish Peacock, felted mittens, etc.
FOs: 1/6 boot cuffs (yes, really it's only a half-finished object, but let me count it. hahaha)

Hey everyone!

I know, I've been super neglectful of the blog. :/ Life's been super busy, and leading up into Christmas, my already busy workload is...busier. haha

On top of that, still tracking down information from venues, some of which have been easier to get the information from than others.

Otherwise, just trying to keep up on commissions outside of my 9-5 job. As well as knit a couple presents. ^^'

I'm going through and reading all of the old Yarn Harlot blog entries. Just for fun. :)

Also plotting out where we'll be for Christmas.

Tonight, we get our Christmas tree! Which means I can legitimately wrap Dallas's gifts to put them underneath so he can be left guessing when he comes home next~! hehehehe (Shhhh...I can't tell on this public space, just in case he DOES end up reading the blog.)

Other than that, just busy, busy, busy. Time flies!

Have an awesome evening, my lovelies! <3

Katie =^..^=

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