Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday, Post 1/Seven Dozen (84)

WIPs: 6/6 Boot cuff
FOs: None

Sorry for the short blog yesterday! Between commissions, being up for the gym each morning, and doing misc. stuff for life/venue hunting, I've been super busy and, in the end of it all, super tired.

But! Today is special, for today is the inaugural post of my "Wedding Wednesday" posts, which I will do each week for the 7-dozen weeks until the wedding! The last one that I plan to do is the Wednesday before the wedding, which is July 2014.

These weekly posts are designed to help keep me on track and to not drive you guys crazy with updates in every single post that I write up over the week.

Right now, we're looking into the venues, because that's my one big thing that I want to do, so I can decide what I can and want to make to decorate the space that we will be in.

The we can do save-the-date postcards from somewhere, and be on our merry little way towards being married!

Other than that, this is essentially just a warm-up post to let you all know what I will be doing here each week. Things won't really start to gear up until after we've booked our venue, etc.

Have an awesome evening, my lovelies!

Katie =^..^=

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