Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Busy, Busier, Busiest

WIPs: 1 present
FOs: 1 present, all of the boot cuffs

Hello, my lovelies!

Yes indeed, I am hitting the busiest season, it seems. Busy with work, busy with the house, busy with Christmas parties/dinners all this week, and busy with knitting, too!

But, I have the commission for the boot cuffs done, and they're delivered.

I have 1/2 presents finished.

And I sold a pair of mittens on Etsy! Super stoked about that.

Otherwise, going to get through this week and then I have a lot of time off at home to catch up, relax, and etc.

Also, done 3/9 of the next set of work outs! Whoot!

Other than that, tired from getting up so early, but good.

So I'll let you know more tomorrow, and I'll show you photos of presents after Christmas. :)

Katie =^..^=

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit, Hobbit TIME!

WIPs: 6/6 Boot cuffs (shhhh. They're about 3/4s done.)
FOs: None

Yes, that's right. I'm a crazy one and I'm going to see The Hobbit on opening day. But I have tickets, and I have the posse, and we're going to enjoy it! Sooooo excited! I've been hearing good things already, so I'm stoked.

I'll be ready for a sleep in tomorrow, though, and then it's back to the gym for cardio tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. Then the ramp up to Christmas!! Still have presents I need to knit (I know, I know. Can you hear the sizzle? That's my brain).

I've been good keeping up with the gym, and I plan to continue you this even after Christmas! My incentive: I get to buy my wedding shoes once I'm done all my phases~! (About three months.) Must do it. haha (Another good incentive should be the fact that I want to reduce my medication...But shoes!)

Let's see. The problem with me trying to post everyday is that I run out of things to talk about. Which is not very good for you or I. I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow, though, after the Hobbit. Or I may keep that for Monday, and take this weekend off.

Dallas is home, which is awesome, and tonight we're going to go pick up my wedding band and get him properly fitted for his band.

And then, to The Hobbit, and the likely crazy lines~!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled boot cuff.

Has anyone else gone to, or is going to see, "The Hobbit" at a midnight/opening day/weekend showing? Let me know, spoiler-free, in the comments!

Have a lovely evening, my darlings!

Katie =^..^=

Thursday, December 13, 2012

1/3 Weeks to a Good Habit

WIPs: 6/6 Boot cuffs
FOs: None

So, I have been to the gym for exactly one week today. Which means that I'm 33.33333333% towards what most people benchmark as a good habit: 3 weeks.

Celebration! Especially considering that I was up at 5:40 am this morning to meet with a trainer (save me from myself, please)!

And I'm rinsing and repeating that again tomorrow! But there are two evening things that are helping me through it.

Today, Dallas comes home for his Christmas break, the last guaranteed one in who knows how long.

And tomorrow, we go to see "The Hobbit"!!! Sooooooo stoked for that!

And then, this weekend, we're planning to see Zoo-Lights this weekend, and I definitely want to take in the Lion's Festival of Lights, which is set up every year on 14th St. in Calgary!

Let's see. Otherwise, mostly just been a super zombie day today. I am definitely not used to getting up as early as I have been, so still adjusting out. (I'm a night owl. We'll see how this transition goes.)

I'll have the boot cuffs (hopefully) finished tomorrow, and then they can head off to their happy recipient(s).

Other than that, this is a short one, folks.

Have a good night, my lovelies!

Katie =^..^=

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday, Post 1/Seven Dozen (84)

WIPs: 6/6 Boot cuff
FOs: None

Sorry for the short blog yesterday! Between commissions, being up for the gym each morning, and doing misc. stuff for life/venue hunting, I've been super busy and, in the end of it all, super tired.

But! Today is special, for today is the inaugural post of my "Wedding Wednesday" posts, which I will do each week for the 7-dozen weeks until the wedding! The last one that I plan to do is the Wednesday before the wedding, which is July 2014.

These weekly posts are designed to help keep me on track and to not drive you guys crazy with updates in every single post that I write up over the week.

Right now, we're looking into the venues, because that's my one big thing that I want to do, so I can decide what I can and want to make to decorate the space that we will be in.

The we can do save-the-date postcards from somewhere, and be on our merry little way towards being married!

Other than that, this is essentially just a warm-up post to let you all know what I will be doing here each week. Things won't really start to gear up until after we've booked our venue, etc.

Have an awesome evening, my lovelies!

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In which, this Author Writes Post #5

WIPs: 6/6 boot cuffs (yay!)
FOs: 5/6 boot cuffs

Let's see...

Busy at work today! So I don't have much to say. haha

I did get out to knit night last night, which was good. But I'm exhausted, as I have been up everyday to work out.

So with that...I'm going to head for tonight.

Watch out for tomorrow's post, which is going to be the first "Wedding Wednesday" post!

Have an awesome night, my lovelies!

Katie =^..^=

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day # 4

On the needles: 5/6 Boot cuffs (almost there~!)
FOs: 4/6 boot cuffs!

Tonight is knit night, which means I'm doing a short post.

Done 5 days at the gym so far, with tomorrow being number 6. This morning, I was even there at about 7!

Pros of being at the gym so early:

Hardly anyone there
Good wake up

Cons of being at the gym so early:

Tired by 6pm
In bed by 9ish.

But I will persevere (I hope)! haha

I've also come to a decision about wedding stuff.

Rather than rambling in each post about what I'm doing, I'm going to do one post per week on Wednesdays! These will be the "Wedding Wednesday" posts, and I'll ramble on in those posts about what nefarious plans I have concocted that week!

Let's see...

Just working on the boot cuffs. Hope to be done tomorrow at the latest. :)

Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful evening!

Katie =^..^=

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day # 3

On the Needles: 4/6 boot cuff!
FOs: 1 more boot cuff

That's right! I'm down to the last three boot cuffs, and I'm already about a quarter of the way through this fourth one!! Yay!!

Got all the Christmas gifts wrapped yesterday. Now to just finish the super secret Christmas presents, which I will this coming week.

Today will be the fourth day that I will go to the gym. I'm just waiting for my tummy to settle after breakfast. I don't want to give myself stitches!

I also totally spoilt myself yesterday and bought myself some Dragonfly Dyewerx BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) fibre. I have two braids of it, for a total of 200 grams. Once I'm finished boot cuffs, I am going to spin some of this (that's the goal for today, anyway). The colour really, really, really reminds me of a kind of cherry blossom/black cherry sort of thing. I'll make sure to take progress pictures, don't worry. Also, Dragonfly Dyewerx is out of Drumheller, AB, Canada, so she's actually pretty local to me! I bought it at a local store called The Loop (in Kensington). They are wonderful ladies and terrible enablers. I wouldn't have gotten the two braids, but the lady said that the one had a twin...And I quickly fell down from there. hahaha I've told Dallas that if he ever wants to get me a "just because" gift, that's the place to go, because any of the colours that were there yesterday, I would LOVE to have in my possession. haha

Let's see...

I'm figuring out how to do DIY invitations for our wedding! It's so awesome that we have so long of time in between, because it's giving me a chance to plan out and also organize what I want to do. DIY invitations look like they're going to be awesome to do! And one of my bride's minions is going to draw a custom invitation for us, because she's awesome! And an amazing artist. In fact, you see some of her art every time that you come to this blog, for she drew my Etsy logo! You can find her here: Starlitdragon and bask in the glory that is her art.

Other than that, can't really do much right now anyway. Just relaxing over Christmas. And I'm going to look over more once Dallas is home so that we can decide together what we want for things. Because, once we decide what venue we will be at, we (I) can start making the decorations that I want! And yes, a lot of this will be handmade, because I want this event to reflect both of our tastes, and since it's fairly eclectic, it'll have to be handmade.

This all definitely leaning towards a strange mix of classical informatlity. I want semi-formal. But that will also be up for discussion with Dallas.

Anyway. If anyone gets tired of me talking about all of this, please let me know. I'm just super excited, and I want to share! Maybe I'll start warning you that the "wedding section" is coming up, and then you can scroll down to the end of "wedding section" if you don't want to read about it. I won't know the difference! haha

Oh yeah, and after this whole Christmas rush, spinning, etc. I have to get geared up for the Mommylicious show on January 20th in Calgary. Fingers crossed I can do it!

Anyway. Just a few more minutes and it'll be gym time. Hope all is well with you, my dears.

Take care!

Katie =^..^=

Friday, December 7, 2012

Day # 2

WIPs: Boot cuffs
FOs: None
Progress: some (almost done 1/3 pairs of cuffs)!

They say it takes about three weeks to establish and maintain a good habit. So here's to day # 2 of habit making!

I went to the gym last night, and again this morning, and I'm all pumped and ready to go tomorrow and Sunday, and then I have to start training with my trainer again.

And, although I was up at about 6am this morning (well, my alarm started then. I didn't get up until the still unholy hour of 6:30am), I am feeling quite energized...But at the same time like I will actually be able to go to bed tonight and get an amazing night's sleep. Yay! Means that I'll try to be up at the still unholy hour of a wonderful hour of 6ish. I need to be up earlier than I was today to hit the gym earlier on the weekdays (less people, more spare time for me getting to work).

The upside of  this is that the gym doesn't open until 8 on weekend, which means I can get up and make myself a nice, hot breakfast, and get some knitting done (i.e. the boot cuffs. haha)~!

This is also day #2 for my blog posts! Yay! By the way, the 50th post brought my views up over 1600 views! So happy about it.

Also, I found pineapple-flavoured Danone yogurt drinks...Actually surprisingly tasty! I hope it helps cultivate good bacteria in my body!

Let's see...

Finally got all the information from all of the venues that we've been looking at. I think it's helped narrow it down to two specific ones, which we'll go look at in January (I think).

I know that it may seem like a long ways out, but I do really want to do this now so that they don't get booked up before we even get a chance, and since we do have such a long time we get our pick, mostly.

Another benefit on knowing where we'll be is we can put the town on Save-the-Dates, which I want to get out soon so that my international friends that I'm inviting have time to save to come here. It also allows me to see the space and see how I can decorate, and what handmade items I want to make to decorate. :) (i.e. garlands of yarn pom-poms, anyone? hahaha)

I'm going to have so much fun with this~!

Dallas has this last trip up north and then he's home for Christmas, so we can sit down and talk more seriously about what we want to do, and budget around things. He was studying for an exam last week he was home, and so that wasn't conducive to talking about much else. (Fingers crossed he passes!) (He thinks that he's going to be going from stressing about exams to stressing about wedding details. I told him no. It's going to be a lot of fun planning! At least, that's how I'm going to look at it, and that seems to be half the battle. That and I think I have amazing bridesmaids (actually, a Minion of Honour and Bride's Minions, which is even better)!)

If you read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's wonderful Yarn Harlot blog, you will notice that I am likely going to start emulating her a bit more (like, with struck-out text above). If you don't read her blog, go do it. Do it now!!!! She's fantastic. :) And Canadian (all the better).

Now, to go contemplate...things. Like knitting (one more row and bind off for the first pair)!

Have a lovely evening, my dears!

Katie =^..^=

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh Tannenbaum...(Post 50!) And the Goal Post!

WiP: Boot cuffs
ItP: You know from the last post. haha
FOs: None

So, you know how I was saying I was getting busier?

Well, part of that was going out and getting a Christmas tree (which had to then thaw). And then I wrapped my parents' gifts, since we saw them yesterday. And I know we're heading to their place for Christmas...But you never know, what with the roads between, etc.

Anyway. We met for  dinner, and it was good. :) And then we went home and decorated the Christmas tree, which looks awesome!

Went to the gym tonight, which was good! One of my goals is to get fit.

This brings me to the goals that I want to achieve over the next year (and yes, I know, I know, New Year's, etc, but why can't goals start at any time of year? Like now? Better now than later)!

So, without further ado, here's my list of desired goals:

1. Get fit (fit enough that I drop some weight, but also that I can either reduce my medication or go off of it completely)
        1. a. Eat healthier (no more sugary drinks or cookies from Starbucks. I'm allowed cream in my coffee, though!)

2. Start writing here, if not every, every second day.

3. Start writing fiction again

4. Finish my wedding shawl in time for the 2013 Stampede Showcase

5. Have updates for my Etsy shop every two weeks (there won't be one this week, though, either...I'm slogged down in comissions)

6. Read a book a month, at least.

7. Have fun!

These goals will fluctuate, but I've just been thinking over it, and these are the top priorities.

Hence, you folks have to hold me accountable! I am going to post a picture of my knitting process each time I post (following this one), and hopefully that'll help.

In other news, still reading through YarnHarlot.ca's archives. They're awesome!

It's warmed up a lot in Calgary and helped dry up the roads, which is nice.

Dallas heads up North again today, which sucks, but at least when he's home next he's off for Christmas! (Last guaranteed one for who knows how long. haha)

Anyway, heading out. Have a lovely evening, my dears!

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


WIP: Boot cuffs
ItP: Calligraphy Cardigan, Spanish Peacock, felted mittens, etc.
FOs: 1/6 boot cuffs (yes, really it's only a half-finished object, but let me count it. hahaha)

Hey everyone!

I know, I've been super neglectful of the blog. :/ Life's been super busy, and leading up into Christmas, my already busy workload is...busier. haha

On top of that, still tracking down information from venues, some of which have been easier to get the information from than others.

Otherwise, just trying to keep up on commissions outside of my 9-5 job. As well as knit a couple presents. ^^'

I'm going through and reading all of the old Yarn Harlot blog entries. Just for fun. :)

Also plotting out where we'll be for Christmas.

Tonight, we get our Christmas tree! Which means I can legitimately wrap Dallas's gifts to put them underneath so he can be left guessing when he comes home next~! hehehehe (Shhhh...I can't tell on this public space, just in case he DOES end up reading the blog.)

Other than that, just busy, busy, busy. Time flies!

Have an awesome evening, my lovelies! <3

Katie =^..^=