Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chat Chat Chat

WIPs: Pair of mittens to felt, Triceratops (almost there!), Troodon (also from Tina Barrett's book)

So, it's Thursday. I have certainly not accomplished what I set out to accomplish this week...But that's OK. It's been super busy. haha

I'm still stocking up for Sunday, which is a show I'm super excited for. I hope that it brings lots of traffic through for me. Even if it's not sales, traffic is always good!!

After this show, I'm settling in to work on custom orders and some bags for the summer...And at the absolute latest, I'm casting my wedding shawl on after the show on Sunday. I also have a custom order for Christmas stockings that I have to work on.

Other than that, just been busy at work, busy at knitting, and looking forward to the show!

Going to start going back to the gym (again) tonight. I need to get through all of my phases in the next couple of months so I can go buy my wedding shoes.

I've also decided that I will be going to look for dresses in July, so I want to be at least most of the way fit by that point. I've got six months until then. I think that I'll at least have slimmed down a bit at that point. Even if I'm not exactly where I will be the following year, it'll be better than right now.

Now I just need to find the motivation! And stop staying up so late to read or knit. haha

Anyway. Short and sweet today.

Have an awesome night!

Katie =^..^=

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