Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Stocking, Two Stocking...And Then Socks!

WIPs: 2/2 Stockings
FO: Stocking Body, need to do cuffs.

That's right! I'm almost done one custom order, so once that's complete, I'm going to work on my own pair of socks, hopefully.

My next couple of weeks will hopefully go like this:

- Finish stockings
-Work on prototype baby photo props
-Work on dinosaurs
-Start shawl
-Start Oatmeal Pullover
-Start a pair of socks
- Work on Secret Project
- Work on mittens for Dallas

What will likely happen:

- Finish stockings
     - Get them sent out.

- Start Shawl
- Work on Secret Project

- Start Oatmeal Pullover
- Work on Dinosaurs
- Work on mittens for Dallas.

I'll try to fit the other things in...haha

Since I'm on my lunch break, though, and I need to finish the stockings, I will bid you adieu for now!

I'll try to give you guys some "bonus" posts this weekend after I've had a chance to take some photos.

Take care, my dears!

Katie =^..^=

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