Monday, January 14, 2013

Pretty Picks: Project Bags

So, these are in no particular order, nor have I purchased any project bags...But I wanted to show you all the ones that I liked the best this week:

Small Zippered Project Bag - Mini Sherlock Holmes Characters 

Knitting project bag- kitties
Source: BigBeluga, Kitties

Knitting Project Bag / Crochet Project Bag / Japanese Knot Bag / Knitting Bag / Wristlet - Small - Cotton Flower

Sock Knitting Bag Project Bag Hexipuff Small Crochet Wip Bag - Spinning Wheels

I hope that this helps enhance some your folks' stash~! I think they're all gorgeous. There will be more later in the year, too, I'm sure. 

Have a lovely evening, and I look forward to my "chatter" with you tomorrow!

Katie =^..^=

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