Monday, January 21, 2013

Pretty Picks: Yarn Bowls

So, Dallas and I just got a new coffee table. And this new coffee table is large enough that I will be able to place a yarn bowl on it to display my current project (i.e. my wedding shawl, since it's going to be a project that stays at home due to the lace work).

This means that I've been looking at lots of yarn bowls, so I wanted to share just some of my favourites with you here!

Cat Yarn Bowl - Knitty Kitty - Made to Order 

Yarn Bowl, knitting bowl, green, Lime green, Grass Green, seen in Knit Simple magazine 

Yarn bowl JUMBO Extra Large Knitting Ceramic Yarn Bowl Organizer Winter White with twisted leaves 

Stoneware Ceramic Pottery Knitting Yarn Bowl, Hand Carved 

Ceramic Heart Yarn Bowl for a Large Skein 

You guys have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Katie =^..^=

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