Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowy Thursday; Some Awesomeness; Some Scheduling

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Yes indeed, it's snowy. As in, ridiculously snowy. Literally buckets of heavy, thick, snow we don't see until spring. I left work last night, and it was clear. I got home to discover my box from KnitPicks and another envelope of yarn, and went in for a shower, etc, and came out and it was snowing and gusty. Not bad.

~1.5 hours later, when Dallas and I left the airport, there had already been about 2 inches of snowfall. By the time I got up this morning, there had been another 4+ inches. It is snowy outside, and there's still more coming down. :( I don't like January. haha Yesterday when I left work, it was +3 (celsius) by the time Dallas got in, it was -5, and today it's -11.

Yeah, yeah. I don't want to bellyache about it much more. haha

But I am kind of glad it came through now, because that means that it's not on Saturday, when Dallas and I head out to look at venues!! The roads should have mostly cleared up by then. At least I have my fingers crossed that they have!

Yesterday as good because I not only received my KnitPicks order, but also my order from for my Handmaiden Silk Lace in Ruby Red...Lots of it. haha It came in at a lot more red than I thought (yes, I understand it's called Ruby Red, but from hat I looked at on the website, on Ravelry finished projects, and what I had seen in person, had been kind of a dark dusty rose/red). Anyway. It'll all be good. I have to figure out a schedule that'll work, because I want to finish it by July.

The KnitPicks order as also some yarn for a special order and some needles. Super happy with how quickly it came, too!

Now, for some scheduling.

I'm having some difficulty writing everyday. So I figured I would start doing theme days.

Hence born is the schedule:

Monday - Pretty Picks - Items I find that I think are really cool/pretty/useful. I don't end up being able to purchase a lot of hat I want, but I can certainly talk about things I think are cool.
Tuesday - Chatter - whatever I want
Wednesday - Wedding - progress on wedding stuff
Thursday - Chatter - same as Tuesday; this will also be the accountability post, where I show how much I've actually gotten finished during the week!
Friday - Patterns I Have Favourited on Ravelry

There may be extra posts on the weekends, but I don't want to plan those right no, since things have to happen on the weekend when Dallas is home.

So, let's see how this goes!

Anyway, out for the night. Look for the post tomorrow about favourited patterns~!

Take care,

Katie =^..^=

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