Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Chatter

WIP: Triceratops
FOs: Triceratops' parts

Busy, busy, busy, my dears.

This triceratops is taking a really long time! I didn't realize how big he was. Oh well. He'll be awesome once he's finished.

Don't forget that I'm going to be at Cardel Place this weekend! The information is on the postcard below:

So, still ramping up for that. Planning on casting on my wedding shawl/figuring out its schedule as soon as I finish working on this stuff...And then I have a pair of felted Christmas stockings to make!

Fun times. :)

And short chatter. hahaha

There'll be more tomorrow in the wedding post!

Please make sure to come visit at the fair!!

Katie =^..^=

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