Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday 2/80

Hello my Lovelies,

So this weekend was spent wedding planning with Dallas, which is always good. I like it when he's able to be involved, and particularly for the big decision that we made this week, he had to be involved. Now, that he is not always involved may sound a bit like a control thing on my part, but it's actually due to the fact that he's out of town literally half the time, so most of the planning is me at home looking at stuff and then showing him what I've found. haha

Anyway, this weekend was venue picking and the Bridal Fantasy show in Calgary.

We have chosen a venue (which I'm going to keep private, since this is going out into the public sphere) that is right on a valley overlooking the mountains, and because it's a ski chalet, it's going to not be used during the summer, which means it'll be quiet, private, and we don't have to worry about disturbing anyone. The place we're at is also has a campground and lodge right on site, with a whole bunch of things included, and it just all works out really well for us and our guests, I think.

So now we can make up Save the Dates, which I will share once I've gotten them printed, and I'll give you feedback on them.

Because we've chosen some of the major things of our wedding, we went to the Bridal Fantasy to find places to rent chair covers, and I was looking for wedding decoration ideas. It was small, but a good toe-dip for wedding shows. I'm going to make sure that I go to the other two big shows in Calgary.

Anyway, besides that, I'm casting on my wedding shawl tonight! Fingers crossed that it turns out all right!

Take care,

Katie =^..^=

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