Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And She Knit the Whole Weekend Long

WiP: Felted Stockings, Jane Richmond's "Oatmeal Pullover"

Complete fail on my part for promising that I would get extra posts done this weekend...But I was so exhausted that I curled up, finished the felted stocking bodies (have to finish the cuffs)...And cast on the Oatmeal Pullover for myself.

I'm already about halfway through the body, and then I just need to knit the sleeves. For my first sweater, I hope it turns out well; it looks go so far, and since it was relatively easy, I'm thinking that I'll have to make this in a few other colours for everyday wear! It seems like it will be a very versatile sweater, which is exactly what I need. Appropriate for work AND play. :)

I ended up watching "The Help" and "Thor" this weekend. I had never seen "The Help" before, although I had read it. I think that they did a really good job adapting the book to the movie, with a split in focus between the two groups so that it didn't turn into a movie where it was focussed on the white girl's plight to write her first book, with the help of the black help; instead, I found it to be a very good balance between both the struggles of a coming-of-age writer in Jackson, Mississippi, in the turmoil and struggles for the black population at that time.

"Thor" is good as always. This is about 50% in part because he's shirtless for that one scene, but also because I enjoy superhero movies, particularly Marvel. (Shhhhhh. I like DC, too.) It also was really cool to watch it again after having seen "The Avengers," since I picked up on a lot that I didn't before watching "The Avengers."

Last night was an amazing mail night, which made me super happy. And...Yeah. That was my exciting weekend. I'm going to work more on my sweater, and get the stocking finished up hopefully by this weekend!

By the way, what's YOUR favourite superhero movie? Let me know in the comments!

Katie =^..^=

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