Tuesday, March 5, 2013


WiP: Super Secret Project (from now on SSP)
(Mostly) FO: Mittens to felt

Yes, that's right. 11 cm of snow overnight and most of the day Sunday. It was the heavy, sticky stuff, too. (That's my truck and the front yard of our complex when I got downstairs around 9am. It kept snowing until about 4pm on Sunday.)

But it means that I got the mittens finished this weekend! These are new item for the shop when I start doing updates again.

So it was a good, relaxing, weekend. Just hunkered down with my wool this Sunday and knitted.

I did go out Saturday and got myself a Schact Kate (I don't like lazy in front of that) for my spinning wheel, so I plied yarn on Saturday, but I don't have pictures, sorry!

I guess, really, it was a productively relaxing weekend. Exactly how I like them!

Have a lovely day, my dearies! :)

Katie =^..^=

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