Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SSP Progress And Stash Busting!

WiP: SSP, Slippers (Yoko Nakamura's Non-Felted Slippers)
HFO (half finished objects): 1 pair of slippers (they just need to be seamed)

That's right, I'm stash-busting. With slippers! I'm making lots of slippers out of Lion Brand Yarn's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

I have also once more, decided to put regular Etsy updates on hiatus until August 2013 (this year still). I am going to destash a lot of my old items and start fresh with my new items, hopefully. This will include both felted and non felted slippers, felted mittens, bags, and all other kids of goodies that I'm going to keep under wraps.

After August 2013, I hope to do an update each month. Hopefully! I'm definitely wanting to work more on my own projects, and I need to with the wedding coming up! haha

Anyway, just a head's up about that.

I spun a lot this weekend, which was exciting, and I'm looking forward to this coming weekend because I'm going to tidy up my craft room and hopefully, finally, share some pictures with you all this coming week.

Then I have a couple days off for Dallas and my anniversary, and it's spring and Easter, and maybe it will finally start getting warm! That's the hope at least. :)


Have a lovely evening, my knitties.

Katie =^..^=

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