Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finally, Some Chatter

WiP: Emilien for Dallas; felted mittens; wedding blanket for Wedding #2 (last August. Shhhhh...)
FOs: None

Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Remember, you can donate to the Canadian Red Cross here (any amount at all):
You can also donate at your Alberta-local Starbucks, although if you need a tax receipt, you need to donate online. Only donate as much as you can, but remember that if you are more affluent, $20+ will get you a tax receipt. ;) I'm pretty sure that if you donate to the "Disaster-Relief Fund," if the Red Cross has left over money, it gets shuffled to the next disaster they need money for...Never a bad thing to have the extra!

It's been a busy couple week around here! Between flooding and not, we've done our engagement photos, and I had my birthday, and we even went up to Olds to take a look at their Fibre Festival market this past Saturday!

Dallas and I have been walking a lot, as I am now trying trim up a bit after all the weight training. Although the night before last we got absolutely soaked by a thunderstorm that rolled in halfway through our walk!

This weekend is Canada Day, and our forecast looks amazing! I'm stoked about having a long weekend to relax at home, although our plans had originally been to go out to my parents'.

I'm hoping to finish Dallas's sweater, and then to be able to block it, have it dry, and take some photos in Confederation Park this weekend! Fingers crossed he doesn't melt in it! If it's nice, I'll try to also coerce him into taking some photos of me in my Marion cardigan as well.

Otherwise, need to patch up his blanket, where some of the squares have had their sewing unravelled, try to finish the wedding blanket, and then maybe, just maybe, start my shawl.

But that might have time high jacked by the whole felted mitten thing.

Have a lovely long weekend, and Happy Canada Day! :)

Katie =^..^=

P.S. The Calgary Stampede is selling these t-shirts: HELL OR HIGH WATER UNISEX T-SHIRT"Hell or High Water" t-shirt
These are while supplies last, but proceeds are going to the Canadian Red Cross fund. 

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