Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chatter: Looking for Inspiration

WiP: Felted Mittens, Wedding Blanket #2

Heat: Too High

I keep hitting points where I have so much to do that I don't know where to start, and then I hit a roadblock for inspiration of all sorts...And then I get bored and feel completely uninspired. Right now, I have tons of things I could work on, but don't feel like doing any of it. At all.

I know that there is lots of inspiration all around me all the time...But recently it hasn't triggered much. It seems like it might be time to sit down, make a list of what I want to do, and start checking it off as I go.

The Etsy update for the summer looms large right now, so that means that my first priority is getting a couple personal knits out of the way, and getting more of my felted items actually made and felted. So I know I'll start there.

I need to start my wedding shawl, but I'm uninspired there because I'm daunted by the size and how much I've screwed up the lace the last couple of times I've tried to start it.

I think it might be time to switch crafts for this weekend, since I've really got a bug to do some sewing, but my knitting itch has drifted to the way side for a bit.

I think sewing might be it. I want to make some drawstring bags to go along with any box bags I get finished for August.

I think a day of sewing will make me feel that much more inspired to knit.

What do you do when you get into a creative funk?

Katie =^..^=

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