Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Summer so Far

WiP: Felted Mittens, Chunky Slippers
FOs: Chunky Slippers (blue)

It's going to be a busy summer here at Nekozuki Yarns!

After I posted that I was looking for inspiration, I sat down, cracked the whip, and started a calendar along with a schedule for the next three months; now I need to plot out the three months after that.

This will not be a hard and fast sort of thing, as I'm starting to new products never seen in my shop before!

Like, box bags out of this awesome Marvel fabric I just found last night:

There will also be some of the same, like the felted mittens I worked on outside of Starbucks while I read the other day:

And although this is not something that I'm going to sell, but I finished Dallas's cardigan on Canada Day (and that's his blanket drying in the background - Log cabin baby blankets will likely be available at some point in the next year):

Finally, this is the Trans-Canada, only 9 days after it had been devastatingly washed out by the floods! (Sunday of Canada Day weekend, no less.)

So, my summer's going to be busy!  Look for more posts and photos as it progresses!

(Also, so glad that summer weather has finally got here...Although on the hottest days I have now been knitting mittens!)

What have you been up to so far this summer?

Katie =^..^=

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