Friday, August 2, 2013

Something Different Friday: 30 Minute "Pork Broth" Noodle Soup

I went home last night, and decided that there are probably a lot of ladies who have to cook for themselves, but don't necessarily have the time to prep items the night or the morning before work.

So, as I threw together my meal last night, I took photos so that you could try the process for yourself!

First, a small pot of water on the stove; turn to high. You want this to boil! Then: BACON! I used hickory smoked, three slices, but the flavouring and amount is up to you. Remember that you want the fat out of the bacon, so I would recommend about three slices for a single serving. 
Boil your bacon. And your noodles.

Choose your veggies and garnishings. I like broccoli in mine, but I have done soups with bamboo, mini corn, mushrooms, etc, etc.
Make sure your soup "base" looks like the picture on the right. See those grease bubbles on the surface? That means your bacon is ready.

Now, a couple parts that I didn't photograph: I cheated and put a chicken bullion cube in with the bacon, and some extra water. I also added a miso soup base, which helped cut down on the hickory smoke flavour the bacon had. Also, add garlic to taste.

As the miso and chicken bases were boiling, I popped the broccoli in to take off the super crunch.

And, voila! Garnish with green onion as desired, and serve. :)

Cute soup bowl not required, but recommended. Hope some of you ladies enjoy!


  1. What kind of noodles are those? They look like spaghetti but I'm assuming they're ramen? Do you have a recommended brand? I think this is a recipe that my daughter could do when she's begging me to take her into the city for ramen!

    1. They're soba noodles that you can purchase at T&T.

      However, spaghetti noodles might work as well!

      Katie =^..^=