Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Chatter

Swatching: Georgia by Jane Richmond in "Calico Cat" (details to follow)

Today is Friday, but I honestly don't feel like sharing any queue enhancement. I love the thought of showing you all designs, but this week there hasn't struck me as anything I want to share. Sure, there have been inspiring designs, but right now doesn't feel like the right time to share them with you all!

So, I'm going to chat a bit. My week has been quietly productive for the most part - work 9-5 and then I did some sewing on Monday and Tuesday and Dallas came home on Wednesday.

I've been knitting away at a couple projects. I got my Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard finished, as well as my Gemini by Jane Richmond - both finished and blocked, so they're ready for our vacation in a week.

It's also becoming fall very rapidly here in Calgary. We had rain all day Wednesday, and there's snow on the mountains that's not going to leave any time soon.

So, this weekend, we're going to go for a hike and then up to Drumheller for Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Royal Tyrell Museum. I'm excited about it, because I haven't been to either place since 2005.

Then we're going to be prepping for our trip, and it's going to be lovely. It is definitely time for a vacation, and this is our first "no-obligation" trip together, ever - we're only responsible to ourselves for ourselves. :)

Anyway. I hope you all had a lovely Friday! And I'll talk to you next week.

Katie =^..^=

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