Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Busy for the Whole Weeks Through...

On the needles: Mittens to felt!

So, I've been a busy, busy girl. Between a busy day job, and stocking for my first show of the season, I haven't had any time to catch my breath (not to mention the chest cold that's haunting me three weeks later, but at least it's better...)!

Anyway. I was a vendor at Crestmont, which was a fantastic show - lots of traffic, and the most profitable yet! The only drawback to that day was how bitterly cold it was! haha

As you can see above, there were lots of mittens. This is the stack of them on my ironing board beforehand:

And I'm working on more now! I have Market Collective December 6-8 at the King Edward School (1720 20th Ave SW).

So...More knitting and sewing to come! I've almost hit all of my goals for stock for this show, but keep your fingers crossed for me nonetheless - I don't have that much longer to go! haha

Have a lovely day, my dears! I promise I'll be more present after December 14th (Last Minute Christmas Show in Cochrane - Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre).

Katie =^..^=

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