Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Geek Week (Or two...Or for life!)

WiP: Wedding shawl and wedding socks
FO: Baby quilt for friend!

So, the first big news: I finished the baby quilt for my friend! Since it's a spring baby, I backed the quilt with flannel so it's squishy and warm but not super fluffy and engulfing.
The big news after that was a. This latte art is from Bumpy's Cafe in Calgary. So awesome. (And unexpected - I doubt I would get this if I asked for it! So it made me feel super special. Also, I'm reading Chamber of Secrets right now, so it was very fitting.)

In other, other news - it was Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend, which is always a bunch of fun, and this year no less than others.
I got some awesome art for my craft room by Laurie B! I love them all, but my particular favourites are the chibi catwoman and Princess tea party! They'll look fantastic above my craft room table.

I have yet to become a Dr. Who fan, but my friend is, so I saw the panel with Matt Smith & Karen Gillan, which was fantastic nonetheless.

Dallas and I also had a photo-op with Tom Felton, which was VERY brief, but really cool.

And, finally, we saw John Ratzenberger (Cheers & every Pixar movie) on Sunday, which was amazing. It was awesome to hear Ratzenberger talk about his career, since he has been in the job for so long. 

So, busy, but that's really all. I'm working on my new (new) wedding shawl, which is going well - over halfway through the recommended repeats. And I'm just working on the heel for my wedding socks, so I should have something to show you that's knitting related next week!

Also, the next major shop update will likely be towards the end of May, since right now I'm working on a June 19th deadline for my shawl...wish me luck!

Have a lovely day! :)
Katie =^..^=

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy Weeks Behind, Busy Weeks Ahead...

WiP: Wedding shawl, wedding socks for me, and a baby quilt!

I got my topper today, which I'm super excited about! (I love the fact that I could customize the shoe colour...And they even have itty-bitty wedding bands!!! Squee!!)

This is the quilt top for a friend that's due on May 3rd - I had everyone bring at least a fat quarter to the shower, and this was the result.

And this is me after I had opened all my gifts at my bridal shower! I had a ton of fun.

Otherwise, it's been busy...and my knitting has to be more or less under wraps right now, since it seems like every time I go talk about it, disaster happens (at least in the case of my shawl)! 

Hope you all are well!

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Item for the Shop: Wedge Bags!

wedge bag Marvel Cats Knitting Project Bag WIP WIP Bags Crochet NekozukiYarns Canada Handsewn

You can find the new wedge bags in my shop! Wedge Bags

I love these bags! I have been using one of the cat ones for Dallas's two-at-a-time socks, and I was using it for my shawl this weekend as well!

Speaking of the socks, I finished knitting them!

The intarsia needs some fixing, and they need to be blocked, but they fit Dallas, which is the important part! Phew!

I have finished 7 out of the 8 of the required repeats for my shawl, but I think I'm going to go to between 12 and 16, since it's quite small at this point...And I have until June 15 to finish it. (I need to finish it and submit photos for the Stampede competition by June 19). But it is definitely a relief to be so far along! Hope blooms on the horizon that I'll have it finished in time. haha

So, next in the works this weekend: pouches. And more large box bags...And maybe some more mitten wedges/box bags as well. Although I love how the wedges stand by themselves. 

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to April!

WiP: Wedding Socks; Sewing - wedge and box bags

This photos is from yesterday, but the snow really hasn't gone away, but it is sunny now! And we've finally gone from -10 to -3!! (Practically tropical!)

I didn't get much work done this weekend, because it was my bachelorette and my future niece's birthday...And because I stayed up WAY too late reading on all three nights! haha

I did, however, get a chance to work on some wedge bags, which are a new product I will be offering in the shop as soon as I'm able to get some pictures! (I'm using the cat one with the green zipper on the left...It's perfect for Dallas's wedding socks right now!)

I have also gotten a ton of reading done! The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman is the one I stayed up reading on Friday night.

The ones I'm working on right now are Marianna Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, which I'm loving! Very heavy Sailor Moon accents, but that's fine by me.

Anyway. The next few evenings are going to be spent with Dallas, and then I'll for sure get products up by April 9!!

Have a lovely day!