Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Geek Week (Or two...Or for life!)

WiP: Wedding shawl and wedding socks
FO: Baby quilt for friend!

So, the first big news: I finished the baby quilt for my friend! Since it's a spring baby, I backed the quilt with flannel so it's squishy and warm but not super fluffy and engulfing.
The big news after that was a. This latte art is from Bumpy's Cafe in Calgary. So awesome. (And unexpected - I doubt I would get this if I asked for it! So it made me feel super special. Also, I'm reading Chamber of Secrets right now, so it was very fitting.)

In other, other news - it was Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend, which is always a bunch of fun, and this year no less than others.
I got some awesome art for my craft room by Laurie B! I love them all, but my particular favourites are the chibi catwoman and Princess tea party! They'll look fantastic above my craft room table.

I have yet to become a Dr. Who fan, but my friend is, so I saw the panel with Matt Smith & Karen Gillan, which was fantastic nonetheless.

Dallas and I also had a photo-op with Tom Felton, which was VERY brief, but really cool.

And, finally, we saw John Ratzenberger (Cheers & every Pixar movie) on Sunday, which was amazing. It was awesome to hear Ratzenberger talk about his career, since he has been in the job for so long. 

So, busy, but that's really all. I'm working on my new (new) wedding shawl, which is going well - over halfway through the recommended repeats. And I'm just working on the heel for my wedding socks, so I should have something to show you that's knitting related next week!

Also, the next major shop update will likely be towards the end of May, since right now I'm working on a June 19th deadline for my shawl...wish me luck!

Have a lovely day! :)
Katie =^..^=

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