Tuesday, May 20, 2014

95% Complete

WiP Wedding socks (that's right, folks, ONE WiP right now!)
Hibernating: Calligraphy Cardigan (to be picked up next)
Planned for the spinning wheel: Finish the white lambswool on there currently and fly with the brown wool I spun way back when. Then, the next braid of the Dragonfly Dyewerx I've had for a long time, which then will become fingerless mitts of some description.
Planned for knitting: Secret project; boot cuffs for a friend. 

Phew! I finished my wedding shawl!! Well, the knitting and the weaving in of the ends is complete - I still need to block out the edging. But I did put it into a bath last night, and it opened up beautifully~! Before the long weekend, I was at 9 repeats, and I knew I wanted to make it larger. So I have ended up with 11 blooms and then the finishing edge, and it looks fantastic!

Friday evening Saturday day Monday night!

It's going to take a lot of patience to block this shawl, so I will have to resoak it and block. But I need some supplies - like blocking wires and pins - before I do so. As you can see, the pattern opened up a lot from when I was knitting it.

This is the Blooming Stitch Shawl by Mary R. White in Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk, a fingering weight yarn that is an 85/15 merino/silk blend. I used my Chiaogoo 4.5mm (US 7) needles. It worked up in just over a month (started April 12, 2014). I beaded the very last stitch in the middle of each bloom before working down to through the decreases. This is nice and airy but has a nice weight to it. Cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!

I am also very glad to have it finished, because I can now work on other knitting projects, and a couple things that have been nagging at my brain to get them off of paper and made from yarn. So keep your eyes peeled for some very different items soon!

In other news, I'm also working on the rest of the stuff that needs to happen for the wedding. Like, airing/dewrinkling the obit we're using for table runners:

These are all used obi from Etsy sellers. They're hung over the pony wall for the second floor of my home. They are the correct width, and only a few need any treatment to make them "more" like a table runner. They are an eclectic bunch, and the middle tables of the sets of three are going to have Indonesian batik runners, but I think that it'll be charming! At least, that's what I'm hoping!

So, watch for a bit more sewing over the next few weeks as I get everything there settled up.

Katie =^..^=

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