Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They Were Itty-Bitty, Tweeny-Weeny Cross Stitches that She Did for the First Time in Years!

WiP: Wedding socks, wedding shawl
FOs: Nada

That's right. I wanted a complete change of pace, so I started a cross stitch. The funny thing is, I switched from cross stitch to knitting when I first started university because, a) I had screwed up a pattern sooooo badly that there isn't really any way to recover it without unpicking the whole thing. b) I thought that knitting would involve less counting! (Yes, I heard that sniggering. I just wasn't it enough at that point, apparently! hah)
This is officially the first cross-stitching I've done in about 5 years. That, my friends, is about 100 stitches over two hours. And that is my index finger...This project, in which every last inch is stitched...Is going to take awhile. But that's OK. This is currently a zen project, without a deadline, so I can work on it as much or as little as I want. And that's what I needed more than anything. Still, I'm not used to 18 count Aida fabric, which is what this is - generally I work on 14 count, so this nearly feels like petty point to me (although I know it isn't)!

And these, which I'm super happy with right now, are my wedding socks. I love the yarn (Sweet Georgia Sock in Summer Dusk). But I can't wait to have them finished, either, so that I can start carrying around stock items to knit while I walk! (Like, mittens...And dare I sweaters...??)

That's what I've been working on right now! We're down to the crunch, and I'm moving as quickly as I can on my wedding shawl - I'm probably about 60% done at this time - I have 7/10-12 repeats complete at this time, so we'll see what I'm sitting at when I complete the 8th repeat (required)...I'm leaning towards something with at least 12 repeats, though, since it still looks too small right now! I'm also trying to estimate how large it will be once I complete the 8th repeat, since even though I'm not wearing it until after the ceremony, I don't want it to interfere too much with my dress. haha

Anyway! Debates. We're under 2.5 months, which I know is going to fly by! Wish me luck!

Katie =^..^=

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