Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Items Are Just Over the Horizon!

WIP: SSP (3.33333/9 complete)

Sweater wedge bag, wedge bag, wip bag, Nekozuki Yarns, made in Canada, made in Calgary
So, a few of the projects I'm working on right now aren't completely under wraps...And that bigger bag is one of them!

I've upsized my medium (sock/small project) wedge bag to become a sweater bag, and the retro Marvel print is the product of this! I will have a lot more prints available with an update planned for the beginning of October (this Marvel one is the prototype, to make sure I had the sizing and such right...which I did, first try and everything - I was quite pleased!). Keep an eye on my Instagram for more prints as they become available - this is also a good location to see works-in-progress and the daily life of Nekozuki Yarns!

In other news, I have become much more active over on Tumblr! I have been on there for awhile, but really only started using it again last week. This is a bit more random than either my Pinterest or Instagram, so you may find that you enjoy it more.

And...Calgary has had it's first snowfall of autumn, which is quite sad. I was hoping for a respite to warmer temperatures this month, and although I see that this weekend is supposed to be nice, the fact that snow is already sticking to rooftops is quite disheartening. But it does mean that I get to stay inside and knit on the SSP without feeling guilty! (And the faster I get the SSP done, the sooner I can get the project bag sewing started and done!)

Fingers crossed that it does warm up a bit! I'm not ready to be done with summer quite yet.

Katie =^..^=

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