Thursday, February 26, 2015

Phew! It's Been Awhile

WiP: Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku
Color Affection by Veera Välimäki 
Sweater Design

Hi all! 

Time to do some housework, apparently! 

The past few months have been crazy, and I feel like I'm just getting my feet back under myself. Maybe. We'll see.

I have been doing a lot of work for my Etsy shop, where I've been able to do an update per month. Not big updates, but something is going in each month. 

I have been doing a lot of design work, and currently have two up for test that will be available soon. :) And I have another sweater that will be going up to test in the next 10 days.  

In other news, I've started a podcast!! You can find me on YouTube: Nekozuki Yarns Podcast 

I'll try to upkeep the blog better!

If you would like the freshest news, find me on Instagram, Facebook, or come join the Ravelry group, all under Nekozuki Yarns.

Have an awesome day!

Katie =^..^=

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And Now, Something Completely Different!

WiP: Custom order sweater; project bags; SSP

Yes, that's right! Something completely different from anything I've attempted before...*drum roll*...An original design!

I have just published my first design on Ravelry - a lace yoked short-sleeve tee!

Use this link to purchase now:  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

In other good news, I'm a quarter of the way stocked for the show on November 8, which has more details here: Calgary Fibre Arts Fair.

This is the only show that I will be participating in this year, so if you want to avoid shipping fees on project bags and notions pouches, come on down! (I won't have a lot of knitting there, but I will have the bags and pouches.)

Now, off to work again!

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Items Are Just Over the Horizon!

WIP: SSP (3.33333/9 complete)

Sweater wedge bag, wedge bag, wip bag, Nekozuki Yarns, made in Canada, made in Calgary
So, a few of the projects I'm working on right now aren't completely under wraps...And that bigger bag is one of them!

I've upsized my medium (sock/small project) wedge bag to become a sweater bag, and the retro Marvel print is the product of this! I will have a lot more prints available with an update planned for the beginning of October (this Marvel one is the prototype, to make sure I had the sizing and such right...which I did, first try and everything - I was quite pleased!). Keep an eye on my Instagram for more prints as they become available - this is also a good location to see works-in-progress and the daily life of Nekozuki Yarns!

In other news, I have become much more active over on Tumblr! I have been on there for awhile, but really only started using it again last week. This is a bit more random than either my Pinterest or Instagram, so you may find that you enjoy it more.

And...Calgary has had it's first snowfall of autumn, which is quite sad. I was hoping for a respite to warmer temperatures this month, and although I see that this weekend is supposed to be nice, the fact that snow is already sticking to rooftops is quite disheartening. But it does mean that I get to stay inside and knit on the SSP without feeling guilty! (And the faster I get the SSP done, the sooner I can get the project bag sewing started and done!)

Fingers crossed that it does warm up a bit! I'm not ready to be done with summer quite yet.

Katie =^..^=

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All the Projects Are Under Wraps

Nekozuki Yarns, wedge bag, cats
WiP: Super Secret Project (that is all)
In the plans: Another super secret project

That's right. Everything I am knitting right now is under wraps, but I still have a few things to chat about.

I'm heading into the busy season, but the good news is that I do have slipper stock that will be heading into the shop by mid-September (I need to seam and wash and photograph them still! haha). I'm also starting into prepping bag stock, because, excellent news, there's going to be a fibre arts show in Calgary on November 8! Details are still getting firmed up, but I wanted to let everyone know.

Watch for previews of the fabrics that will be available at the show, and if I have remainders after, they will be posted between November 9 and November 15 (just in time to get them for Christmas gifts)!

So keep your eyes peeled! Until then, have fun!

Katie =^..^=

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And Now, Kind of Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program

WiP: Non-Felted Slippers, super secret project (ssp)
In the Plans: SSPs (yes, plural), and more non-felted slippers

We did it! Dallas and I are married. And here is a picture to prove it:

You can just barely see my rings. But they're there! Everything went amazingly well, and it was definitely the best day of my life (so far). It was perfect! I'll share some photos of the decorations/interior after we've shown the photos to our parents. 

For our first honeymoon, we went to Victoria (our second honeymoon is Walt Disney World). We visited three different yarn shops, which was fantastic, and they've now pointed Ogden Point. The most impressive on to me was the thunderbird, which went from the edge to the ocean!

Ogdent Point, Victoria, British Columbia, thunderbird, honeymoon

We also went whale watching, where we saw a whole pod of orcas! I have some really cool photos from that as well that I can share as soon as I actually get them off my camera.

I honestly think I might still be a touch burnt out from this whole planning and executing of a wedding, even after a month.

But, that doesn't mean I haven't already planned out stock and done a few fun things.
mewata, silk hankies, spinning, Nekozuki YarnsLike spinning silk hankies! I got these at the Olds Fibre Fest in June 2013 and decided that it was time to finally get them on the wheel. Sooooo much fun, and they are spinning so amazingly. They're indie-dyed by Luscious Luxury (Barbara Robinson) out of Rossland, BC! (It looks like the best way to get your hands on some of her gorgeous hand-dyed yarn will be to contact her via email.) This is her "peacock" set, so I'm going to spin all three colours and then navajo-ply them to get a kind of short-striped gradient. 
wip bag, work in progress, yes those slippers are done And this, my friends, is the start of the crazy Christmas season stocking that I've started. This picture is of one of my own wedge project bags* filled with a pair of slippers that I have already completed! (The picture was taken yesterday (August 18, 2014), and I finished the slippers last night. So, if you see anything you like, let me know! Twitter and Instagram are the best places to get up-to-the minute updates of what I'm doing right now. 

And on that note, I should be more present on the blog here (hopefully) - I'm aiming for one a week right now, so we'll see what happens. hahaha

Have fun!

Katie =^..^=

*This "Kitschy Kats" bag is available here (along with others): Wedge Bags! That bag is currently holding a skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick, just to give you an idea of how large it is - it will also work for two-at-a-time (or one-at-a-time) mittens, socks, and etc. I would even say small baby items or small to medium shawls would fit quite nicely.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hiatus: July 9 to August 5

Hello, lovelies~!

I'm taking an official hiatus from the blog from July 9 to August 5th so that I can focus on the rest of my wedding and fully enjoy my honeymoon!

However, I will have lots of new goodies for you starting this fall, as I expand my product offerings to include more knitted/fulled geeky items!

Hope your have a wonderful month, and I'll talk to you all soon.

Katie =^..^=

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making Things!

WiPs: My Hope; Non-Felted (Chunky) Slippers

I am swamped right now, and probably will be for the next few weeks! (Just over three weeks to the wedding!) So, please enjoy these pictures!

Felted Hair Bows - not quite finished, but I will be adding these to my shop offerings this fall!

These are the table runners that I narrow-hemmed from authentic Indonesian batik. They'll be paired with the Japanese obi I showed you a few weeks ago!

One pair of chunky slippers, coming right up! These will also be in the shop closer to fall (once the wedding madness has died down); these chunky knit slippers make the perfect Christmas gift, and they fit up to a woman's size 10 minimum - they've got enough stretch that they would probably fit up to woman's size 11.

And finally, some knitting for myself - I'm swatching for the Pont Neuf Cardigan by Emily Wessel, although I'm not 100% sure this will end up being that cardigan or the Rapunzel sweater by Anne Podlesak (which was the original plan for this yarn)...So we'll see. I REALLY want the Rapunzel sweater, so I'll probably end up sticking with that original plan.

Anyway! Hope you all have a lovely week, and I hope to be able to update at least for the next two weeks. I will be on hiatus from July 15 to August 5, minimum. But there will be some awesome updates after that!

Have fun!

Katie =^..^=