Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Elusive Mittens

On the Needles: Stripy legwarmers

So, as I promised, here is a picture of the mittens:

There were 8 pairs in total; five pairs for the women and three pairs for the men, all made from a (slightly modified) pattern made up by the great-grandma in 1949! It was an awesome vintage pattern (i.e. clear and straight forward instructions), and the first time I had knit gussets. I think that they turned out quite well. 

And here is a pair being modeled:

This weekend is another long weekend (it seems like their coming fast and furious this year!), and so my boyfriend and I are heading out to my parents again, which will be nice. Then back into town to hopefully take possession of our apartment! 

Other than that, not much. I have one stripy legwarmer done, and I just need to stretch the balaclava to see if it will actually fit. For whatever reason, even though I kept checking the gauge, the new hat would just not knit properly. So I'm going to try the old one and see if some blocking will fix the size thing, because it's just really snug. 

And now to the packing!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Apartment ahoy!

On the Needles: Corset-style Stripy Legwarmers

Yes, folks, you read the right; I'm making stripy legwarmers for the shop. Only problem is that I had to pick them out the other night. But the ywill soon be finished again! Then on with the hat. Like I said, I wanted a break from knitting the round, though, so this is what's being produced. Maybe if I want a longer break, I'll start that Bright Star Blanket I keep talking about.

Either way, there probaby won't be much knitting happening in the next weekish, because my boyfriend and I found an apartment! (How exciting!) It's massive, and has a huge storage space upstairs beside the bedrooms, and since there's so much storage space everywhere else, I get to take over that part for yarn~! Maybe; I might still put it in the second bedroom with the bookcases. We'll have to see how everything sets up downstairs and upstairs (down is the kitchen and living room; up is the bedrooms and washroom). It's a nice set up, and though it'll be a bit rushed here to get everything organized, I know we can do it!

Mittens will be delivered to the appropriate people this weekend; I think it's a good thing to have, since the weather's still been really nasty.

And I have pictures of the mittens, so I'll post them once I get them downloaded from my camera!

Hope all is well in your world, and I'll update again soon!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Mitten Knittin' is Done! (For Now)

On the needles: Corset style legwarmers

That's right, folks! You heard it right here. I've finished the mittens! And they're even washed. And even more amazingly, I finished them almost a whole week before they're needed! This is truly a great accomplishment (especially considering that I finished my boyfriend's Christmas blanket the night before I left. haha)!

Now, I do have one more order (the bearded balaclava), but I'm going to take at least a couple days off of knitting in the round and do some quick, flat, and fun legwarmers for Etsy (hey, I've got to start getting stock together now). Then I'll knit the balaclava. This should all be done within the next 10-14 days, at latest. And then it'll be some coffee cozies.

And then I plan to learn intarsia and also start the Berroco Bright Star...At some point.

The intarsia is all for my scheme of entering the creative contest at the Calgary Stampede next year. Best of all, it's the centennial next year! I got a chance to check it out this year, and there weren't too many entries, which is actually a shame. There were lots under the art category, and quite a few under the cake category, including an awesome Harry Potter one!

This weekend was really good, and really rejuvenating; I got to see the final Harry Potter, which I thought was amazing. Kudos to the team that has put together this amazing decade of films! From cast to crew, this was a task of epic proportions, and I think that they did an exceptional job.

And then I got offered a ticket to the Calgary Stampede Rangleand Derby (the Chuckwagon show), so there was no way that I could turn that down. So I got to spend the day at the grounds, went to the rodeo, checked out the art exhibits, and then got to watch the night of the semi-finals! It was awesome, especially since I hadn't been planning on going to the grounds.

Although it would have been good to have my boy with me. Hopefully next year!

Now, I'm going to go scheme out these legwarmers and start thinking about my entries for next year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Weekend Aftermath

On the needles: 12/16 mittens for the weekend of July 22-24.

So, what with the long weekend, I had big plans to knit a lot.

Didn't happen. But oh well. I got to visit with my mom and my cat and do some awesome short hikes out in Kootenay and Banff National Parks(yay for nature)! And my boyfriend and I saw fireworks on June 30/July 1st, which were amazing as usual. The echo through the mountains makes it absolutely incredible.

Besides that, not much. The weather has greatly improved, and I only have a few more rows on the 12th mitten, which means I can start on lucky # 13 tonight!

With these mittens being so close to being finished, I am getting the Etsy shop rolling. I'm commissioning a friend to design me a logo, which will be appearing everywhere soon. I'm excited to see how it turns out! Then I'll just have to make up some stock and voila! Etsy shop started.

And who knows what I might do after that? Maybe I'll even be brave enough to start some Japanese inspired patterns (seeing as how I was in Japan for nine months...). The only problem with the book I have is that it's crochet...And it's in Japanese. We'll see how this works out! This Friday is the start of the Calgary Stampede! Yahoo! Chuckwagon races will be starting up, and then once the Stampede is over, the summer will be done, as my grandma always used to say. July and August always go faster after the Stampede. It's strange.

How was everyone else's long weekend? Did you finish a project with your days off?

Take care!