Sunday, August 28, 2011

These Posts are Coming Fast and Furious

On the Needles: Log Cabin Toddler Blanket

Well, posts are certainly coming faster, but that's OK. There will be gaps when I get back in the school year.

Anyway. The kid's mittens went live on the shop today! These are just the ones designed for the four-year-old;  I'll be working on taking pictures of the other pair and posting them soon (the two year old's). But you can check out the four year old's now!

I actually entered these mittens into a contest held in Cochrane; the Bearspaw fair. They came out with the results that they have very even knitting! Which I really like.  These were amazingly fun to knit, and I'm happy to be able to share them with you all.

This has been a busy weekend; my boyfriend and I went out to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake! Moraine is soooooo beautiful. And Mike, my travelling sheep, came along:

Yep, Valley of the Ten Peaks. Absolutely spectacular; if you ever make it to this area, Moraine Lake is even better than Lake Louise...And fewer people! 

Plus, these were research photos; I'm looking into somehow involving mountains into my hats. Fingers crossed that it works out!

And with that, I'll head out again. More next time!


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