Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy Week Behind Me, Busy Weeks Ahead of Me

WIPs: wedding blanket
FOs: Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket
ItP: Boot cuffs (casting on tonight!), personal Christmas presents

Yep, it's that time of year. I have a couple last minute gifts I actually really need to make. Oops! haha But the end of November/beginning of December always has me in a Christmas. Particularly this year, since I don't have to worry about exams or papers or anything else, just work.

Which means, that I'm free to go out to Canmore on Saturday, with a friend, to (hopefully) finish up my Christmas shopping! Yay! hahaha

Otherwise, I have some orders to finish and a couple personal gifts to finish up before then. But I think I can do it! I can't tell you what they are, but they are pretty fast projects.

I've finished the baby boy blanket, now called the Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket. So gorgeous and soft! I'll post a picture later on for you all to see. It's knit out of Lion Brand Homespun, with the Lion Brand pattern "Diagonal Baby Blanket."

Other than that, been trying to track down information on venues (why don't people email when they say they're going to...? I don't like having to re-contact people a THIRD time...It's actually the best way to lose my money. Just saying), which has had almost exactly a 50% success rate. haha Some of the venues were super prompt and got me the information on Friday, as promised; others that said that they would didn't, so I called back. Then they promised it for Tuesday. Now it's been a full week...And still nothing. One even emailed me when I was out of the office and told me that she would get me information on Wednesday. And she did. And so that impresses me.

But enough ranting. I just don't like having to do double or triple the amount of work to track something down, especially when I could be spending a lot of money if you just pay a bit of attention and send me the promised email.

/end rant

Sorry, some things just get my gall.

Anyway, heading out. I'll chat at you all later. :)

Katie =^..^=

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