Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Can Has Knitting Time Nao?

FOs: None
WIPs: Baby blanket, wedding blanket (Victoria trip car knitting)
ItP: More boot cuffs, dinos, dishcloths

No knitting has been done today. Super busy at work, so I didn't even get a chance to take my lunch break and knit. But that's OK.

And you know why?

Because I went and had dinner and a drink with my friend. And then I went and got the 8th volume of Sailor Moon.

And now I'm at home and I have super shiny fingernails. I need to give myself manicures more often to cure all these dang hangnails. Eventually! haha

8 more hours of regular work, and then it's vacation time!

I keep getting requests for slippers, and trust me, folks, I'm working on them. I have epic patterns of epicness for these slippers, and they will be all felted goodness, too. I'm just trying to figure out what to use as a grippy to keep you folks from slipping in felted slipper goodness.

Anyway. I'm off to read and potentially take some knitting time.

Have a lovely evening!

Katie =^..^=

P.S. I just read Knit and Caboodle's newest newsletter. I want this: Kitty Cat Tape Measure with Yarn

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