Sunday, November 18, 2012

On the Way to Victoria~!

WIPs: Baby blanket, wedding blanket
FOs: None
ItP: socks

Hello everybody!

Sitting in the Tsawassen ferry terminal, waiting for the ferry to come in! It's rainy and wind so, it's running a little bit behind, but oh well. All's well. The road's were really good, with only a little bit of compact snow coming up and over the Coquihalla pass! Perfect weather otherwise, and really, rain is a good trade off from the snow and cold in Calgary!

Mike the Sheep is quite happy to finally be travelling again. He hasn't done much intense travelling since Japan. :)

Yesterday was good. Set off a bit later than we were planning, but we still made really good time.

We stopped in Canmore for Knit & Caboodle, which was awesome. Got some GORGEOUS Sweet Georgia sock yarn, which was awesome.
Then, we were toodling along Highway # 1, heading out towards Lake Louise, etc. And Dallas is like, yay! Castle Mountain junction, which is where we normally turn off to go down towards my parents'. And he asked if I remembered how we would text back and forth at this point to let each other know that we were safely at Castle, either going or coming to see each other (when we were in the first part of our whole long distance relationship). And, of course I remember it, so I think nothing of it.

Anyway, Dallas turns off for this exit, and I'm kind of like, we don't turn off here... (Well, actually, I was like, No! Don't turn off here. haha). And then I figure, well he's probably just going down towards Johnston Canyon, since this turn off is the best one for us if we're going to it, and I had mentioned that we should do the hike on the way out.

But no, he turned to go up the 93, through Kootenay National Park. So I super, super, confused at this point. And he pulled over at a rest area that's right over the bridge on the #1.

Can anyone guess what's happening here? hehe

He had on "our" song...And he proposed to me. I am now going to Victoria, not with my boyfriend, but with my fiancee! ^^

This is the ring:    

(Yes, that is taken against my brand new Sweet Georgia yarn. Haha.)

It's gorgeous. I love it. And the proposal was amazingly perfect; meaningful spot, in the mountains, with "Temptation Waits" by Garbage, which is now sealed as our song forever. hehe

I just need to get the ring sized, and we'll be good (the average size of a woman's finger is the size that my pinky finger is...So fair enough, the sales girl didn't believe I could have a size 9 ring finger (which I'm pretty sure it is))! But it's gorgeous and I love it. :D

The drive was pretty uneventful after that! haha Although we did see an aunt and uncle of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile and Dallas had never met.

Now, we just await the ferry, and I should actually get some knitting done.

Tata for now!

Katie =^..^=

P.S. By the way, my cheeks are sore from smiling so much. hehehehe

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