Saturday, November 24, 2012


WIPs: baby blanket
FOs: none
ItP: Boot cuffs, disclothes, Christmas presents

Hello folks,

So no shop update this week, unfortunately. I got hardly any knitting done in Victoria, and now that I'm home, I'm looking into our options for where to hold our big party! (See the last post if you don't know what I'm referring to. haha)

We're going to have a long engagement, with the date being in July 2014. We're definitely going to be in the mountains, but we're looking into the different options that will be available to us there. (Although my favourite so far has been Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.)

I have also decided that I'm knitting a wedding shawl: Spanish Peacock Shawl by Meg Swanson (link will open in new window). I'm going to make it out of Handmaiden's Lace Silk in the Ruby colourway (ordered and hopefully here before Christmas)! 

So, expect to see lots about wedding over the next 20 months. On that note, my fiancee and I started dating 44 months ago today~! hehe (And again, go check out my previous blog post; he proposed to me in a really cute way. <3) In case any of you don't know, our song is: "Temptation Waits" by Garbage (this isn't the official video, but the song is high quality). It was followed by this one: "The One" by Garbage

Let's see...Other than that, just working on commissions and then I'm heading into build up of stock again for the Mommylicious show in Calgary on January 20th. 

And I might be completely insane, but I want to try to have that shawl finished to enter into the Stampede creative arts and crafts show. We shall see. 

I'm going to do a longer post with pictures of Victoria tomorrow after I go for a lesson on how to use my spinning wheel!

Have an awesome day! :) 

Katie =^..^=

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